Christina Harms Murder

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Harms was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. She was tortured by her legal guardian; at times tied to a pole 'crucifixion style' inside a closet. An autopsy revealed she died of dehydration and fatal doses of narcotics.

murder house


“Murder House” documents and highlights the prevalence of domestic violence that occurs in virtually all communities. Domestic violence is no respecter of sex, age, economic status, education, or other social parameters. It occurs to men, women, and children. It happens to the poor, the middle class, and to the rich. Murdered victims may not have seen their first birthday or they could be in their 80’s. Domestic violence occurs in our cities, our small towns, and out in the countryside.

Domestic violence not only affects the victim and the perpetrator, but also children, extended families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and the larger community. This violence is most often hidden behind the closed doors of the family home. As such, this violence frequently seems abstract or removed from the daily experience of most people. “Murder House” presents a photographic archive of these places of violence with the intent of raising awareness towards this societal problem.

By presenting these homes and associated stories, viewers who may feel relatively unaffected by domestic violence, perhaps may more readily identify with the blight of domestic violence victims. Victims who may live in a house like yours, or your neighbors, or your friends and family.